Why You Should Consider Endless Aisles (According To Retailers Like You)

Over the past year and a half, Endless Aisles has on-boarded over three hundred retailers with the intention of helping them expand their business by offering online shopping opportunities and home-delivery to their customers. We are excited to share some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our retailers about their experiences with both the Endless Aisles Special Ordering Portal and the Shopify Plugin.

“I have been so impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the entire Phido team. Endless Aisles is streamlined, easy to implement, easy to learn and even easier for my staff to use. The entire process from start to finish, was supported at every turn by my on-boarding team. They answered my questions and addressed my concerns immediately, most of the time working later then myself! The product selection is amazing and my customers and stores are already seeing the positive impact of the program.”
Lawrence, Choice Pet
“The Endless Aisles Shopify plugin makes having on online presence easier than ever. Having the additional products on our site means we can serve a broader range of customers the products they buy for their pets.”
Ben & Lisa, The Modern Paws
“Not only does our Endless Aisles Special Ordering allow us to quickly and easily ship items that are temporarily out-of-stock on our shelves, but it gives us access to mainstream brands and products we don’t currently stock and allows us to capture that business instead of sending it back out our door.”
Gregg, Bag of Bones Barkery
“Endless Aisles has benefited my store tremendously. With my new special ordering capabilities, no sale is lost. My customers now have the opportunity to buy premium products through me that they weren’t able to before due to products being out of stock or lack of space. Since I on-boarded for Endless Aisles, I have already seen a positive difference in sales and am excited to see business increase even more in the coming months!”
Michael, Red Fox Pet Shop

It is very inspiring to see such positive feedback from our retailers. If you would like to submit any words of your own, please email us at: phoebe.mcgee@endlessaisles.io

If you know anyone who would benefit from Endless Aisles products, please have them sign up on our website!
By Phoebe Mcgee

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