When To Consider Switching from Special Ordering to Web Integration

The Special Ordering Tool from Endless Aisles can be a lifesaver when it comes to making sure customers entering your store aren’t leaving empty-handed. But sometimes, depending on your vision for your business, Special Ordering might not be enough. Web Integration allows you to collect orders online whenever and wherever, so that you can offer convenience to your customers and never miss out on a sale. Let’s dive into when you should start thinking about Web Integration.

If You Want to Expand Your Assortment of Products

With Web Integration, you can market and sell products without even having them on your shelves. If you are finding that your customers are finding your expanded inventory with Endless Aisles exciting and helpful, you might consider saving them a trip and allowing them to purchase these products from the comfort of their own home!

If You Have the Bandwidth to Manage an Online Store

If you have been working on a website and have a dedicated employee who is responsible for maintaining and expanding your online presence, we recommend having them take a look at Endless Aisles Web Integration. Maintaining an online store can be a lot of work, but if you have the resources to monitor your prices and market your inventory aggressively, you will have a tool at your disposal that can provide you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to providing your customers a great experience.

If You Are Frequently Using Special Ordering

Finally, we recommend that you make the switch when you notice you are spending too much time with your Special Ordering tool. If you are finding yourself filling out ten to thirty orders a day on Endless Aisles, that can be time that you can be spending face-to-face with your customers in your store! With Web Integration, the customers create their own orders and navigate Endless Aisles themselves, and you can do what you do best—forging and maintaining the relationships with your customers that got you here in the first place.

Web Integration is a lot of work, and can oftentimes be challenging. However, if you feel that you might be ready to take your experience to the next level, the rewards can be significant!

If you would like to speak with an Endless Aisles onboarding specialist about any questions you may have, please email us at onboarding@endlessaisles.io and we can walk you through!

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By Kelly Thomas

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