Endless Aisles 2020 Year in Review

Though there were twists, turns, and many hardships in 2020, we are thankful for the support that we’ve received from our retailers over the past year. In a time where small businesses have been tested and challenged beyond what any of us ever could have imagined, they have also grown and adapted to serve their communities and customers without hesitation.

We wanted to take some time to reflect and celebrate the successes that our retailers achieved with Endless Aisles and Endless Marketing in 2020.

Endless Aisles

Endless Aisles strives to bring convenience and growth to pet retailers, and 2020 was no exception to this. While our retailers grew their businesses, Endless Aisles also expanded. We fortified operations, and added a new warehouse in Plant City, Florida. This has allowed us to reach more retailers faster, and has allowed our retailers to serve more pet parents than ever before!  Plus, we improved our catalog selection through the addition of 27 new brands. This means more happy customers, and more revenue to grow your businesses.

Here’s how Endless Aisles retailers grew in 2020:

  • Over 80 retailers set up a new EA account
  • Shipped orders grew by 103%
  • Retail revenue grew by 117%

Endless Aisles also expanded into new initiatives in 2020, including Fulfillment by PHIDO which is a third party logistic solution.  These new capabilities allow Endless Aisles to service a broader range of retailers, brands, and pet parents.

To learn more about Endless Aisles, and find your solution for competing online, click here

Endless Marketing

We built Endless Marketing powered by Promoboxx to bring free, easily accessible digital marketing resources to pet retailers. Since the start of our partnership with Promoboxx in 2018, Endless Marketing has boosted the engagement of over 700 pet retailers, driven sales for both online and brick and mortar stores, and connected retailers with their customers on multiple social platforms.

Here’s a look at what Endless Marketing brought pet retailers in 2020:

  • 73 new campaigns launched
  • 21,134 campaign activities (retailer shares and downloads)
  • 3,575,197 total impressions served (impressions on retailer’s posts)
  • 89,238 total consumer engagement (comments, likes, shares, favorites on retailer’s posts)

Here’s how Endless Marketing grew in 2020:

  • 222 new registered retailers
  • 321 new registered locations (storefronts)

We are excited to bring you new and improved Endless Marketing content in 2021!

If you’re not on Endless Marketing yet, get started for free now

We hope that our retailers can carry what they’ve learned throughout this past year into the new year. We look forward to a fresh and prosperous 2021!

By Kelly Thomas

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