How to Increase Your Orders and Win Our Free Design Package

Our team at Endless Aisles is very excited to see hundreds of live retailers actively using our platform. We’ve been watching and cheering along as many of you have promoted, advertised and shipped your way to online success.

To encourage you all to keep reaching for the stars, we have created another small competition – and this time everyone has a chance to be a winner!

Throughout the next 60 days, we will be encouraging people to put in as many orders as they can within 10-day cycles. At the end of each cycle, those who have logged 10 or more orders will receive a custom design package for social media and email!

There will be NO cap on how many cycles you can win. If you get 10 orders every period, you will end the competition with of a collection of 6 professionally designed packages.

Our goal is to amplify your selling power by getting you to use your new Endless Aisles tools more regularly. In our research, we have found that more online orders are shipped when the retailer is excited and eager to use their site or portal, and do so consistently.

To help you get the most out of this competition, we have created a list of marketing best practices for you to use:

1) Display In-Store Collateral.

Make sure to put all of your print advertisements on display for your customers to see when you aren’t verbally promoting your site or portal. This way people can feel free to ask you about your new capabilities, browse the catalog, and order anything that catches their eye online.

2) Get Staff Trained and Excited.

Make sure your staff is well-trained on how to use the portal or site and eager to promote their capabilities to your customers. Tell them about our competition and encourage them to put all of their energy into making more orders. Nobody should walk out of your store empty handed (or without giving you their money for the products they buy for their pet!).

Tip: Try to create a friendly in-store competition between employees, where the winner gets a prize of their own!

3) Keep Up with Social Media and Email Marketing.

As always, keep updating your social media channel with new posts about your products and send out regular emails about the brands you carry and your latest promotions. This way your busiest customers, who aren’t available to come in-store, will know more about your products and be more willing to order them to their doorstep! To learn more about social media and email, check out our blog posts on Building a Social Media Presence and How to Build a Great Email Welcome Series.

Good luck and we are eager to see your new, professional, content published on your social channels! Don’t know how long until the end of the cycle? Keep track by visiting this page.

Want to know more about how to promote your new ordering capabilities? Check out all of the useful content on our blog, including our article on Promoting Your Online Store Offline.

By Phoebe Mcgee

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