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How to Communicate with Your Customers About COVID-19

With the global health crisis of COVID-19, the world is currently in uncharted territory. As consumers are now spending most of their time at home and limiting their social interactions, there is a significant decrease in in-store shopping. A shift in the way small businesses communicate with their customers might be necessary to maintain the trust and connection they have worked so hard to earn...

Digital Marketing… It’s Not So Ruff After All!

Why Digital Marketing Is So Important & How You Can Engage Your Customers Online We recently held a panel discussion at Global Pet Expo, called “Digital Marketing… It’s Not So Ruff After All”. Panelists included Andrea Barsk from Endless Aisles, Johanna Fiedler from Promoboxx, Annabelle Immega from Petcurean, plus Aaron Hill and Lindsay Richards from Naturally...

An Introduction to Email Re-Marketing

Many retailers wonder what happens when a user with intent to buy browses their site and leaves. Do you lose that potential customer forever? The answer is: not if you have an email marketing strategy. Normally, if a user visits your site and bounces without leaving their email, the only way to get them back to your site is to pay to market to them again (through channels like Criteo, Facebook...

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