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5 Ways to Use Special Ordering in Your Store

Endless Aisles Special Ordering allows you to sell thousands of items that you don’t even have in-store, and have them shipped directly to your customers’ doorsteps! Learn more about Special Ordering here. Here are 5 ways to use Special Ordering in your store: 1. Sell More Items Have your staff ask customers who are leaving your store empty-handed if they would like to order items they didn’t see...

Special Ordering with Endless Aisles

Regardless of your familiarity with ordering online, we wanted to make your experience as seamless and easy as possible by sharing some helpful tips. Today, when your customer asks for something you don’t have in stock, the standard answer is “I don’t have it here now—but I can order it for you to pick up next week”. There are a few problems with this situation: Your customer doesn’t get the...

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