Inside Look At The Promoboxx Support Team

We recently sat down with Chloe from the Support Team at Promoboxx to talk about her amazing team, and the helpful resources that they provide retailers. We also caught up with Chloe on why email marketing and Instagram are so important, and how Endless Marketing on Promoboxx can bring you success in 2019.

“The question that my team asks ourselves every day is ‘What can we do to make retailers’ experiences with Promoboxx better?”

Endless Marketing: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today! Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Promoboxx, and what your team does?

Chloe Chalakani: I’m excited to speak with you! I am the Support Manager at Promoboxx. I ensure the happiness of all Promoboxx customers by leading, coaching, and mentoring a support team that aims to deliver quick, efficient and delightful interactions with our retailers and brands. We also create training and education opportunities that support the evolution of Promoboxx customers into better digital marketers. The question that my team asks ourselves every day is ‘What can we do to make retailers’ experiences with Promoboxx better?’

Endless Marketing: Wow! It sounds like you guys are very involved! What types of support and resources do you offer retailers? How closely do you work with them?

Chloe Chalakani: Our team works very closely with retailers to answer questions and lead the training efforts via live chat, email, phone, and support articles*. For 24/7 assistance, we also offer our Retailer Academy – a collection of articles, how-to’s, videos and more to help support the use of the platform. We’re also very lucky to work with a great on-boarding team here at Promoboxx, who lead informational webinars for new brands and their retailer partners.

Endless Marketing: It’s great that you offer so much support. Our retailers are very busy, so being able to contact you via chat is very convenient.

What do you think is the key to success for retailers in 2019? How can using Promoboxx and the content provided by Endless Marketing or brands help them achieve this success?

Chloe Chalakani: I think the key to success this year is to be as human as possible in your marketing efforts. Impersonal ads fill our news feeds, and it sometimes feels like there are few humans left behind companies. One of the reasons we love local business is because they provide a personal connection. My recommendation to retailers is to infuse a personal touch into digital marketing to cut through the noise online.

Endless Marketing: Remaining human and local is definitely key in today’s day in age, and these are values that are already important to a lot of our retailers. When creating content for Endless Marketing, we aim to bring these values to life.

Some of our retailers don’t use an email platform to contact their customers. I know that they can use Promoboxx as a platform to send Endless Marketing’s content to customers directly. Can you explain how this works? Is it simple for retailers to do this?

Chloe Chalakani: They can indeed! Using an email template on Promoboxx is super simple. All the retailer needs to do is upload their email list into the Promoboxx platform, choose a campaign with an email template available and then customize the subject line! Retailers can choose to send the email now, or schedule it for a later date and/or time.

Endless Marketing: So sending emails through Promoboxx is simple, free and customizable. Why do you think email marketing is so important for retailers?

Chloe Chalakani: Email marketing provides a professional and direct way for retailers to connect with their consumers. Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing tactic that takes very little investment to get started, and is also relatively inexpensive to maintain over time, allowing retailers to get more for their marketing spend.

Endless Marketing: Another important marketing platform is Instagram. Since Instagram is a mobile app, I know that retailers have to download the Promoboxx app to post content to their Instagram account. This can be intimidating for some retailers who haven’t used Instagram before. Is this app easy to use? Do you offer support or demos to help retailers with this?

Chloe Chalakani: Absolutely! The app functions just like our web application for Facebook and Twitter. The process for Instagram is easy to use for both iPhone and Android users. In any campaign that has Instagram shares, retailers can preview and share the content and then click “Share on Instagram”. This will bring up the option to ‘Copy to Instagram’, which moves the content from Promoboxx to their Instagram account. After that, the retailer can finalize copy editing and post!

We have a demo scheduling tool called where retailers can schedule a call that works best with their schedule. During the call, we’re happy to cover any questions the retailer may have, from Instagram to demos or general Promoboxx best practices.

Endless Marketing: sounds like an amazing tool for retailers who want a personalized help session.

What is the best piece of feedback you’ve gotten from a retailer?

Chloe Chalakani: We hear all the time how Promoboxx makes retailer’s lives easier. Their biggest request is for more content! For this reason, we’ve created Promoboxx Industry Content, and are now working with amazing industry partners like Endless Marketing to get retailers the resources they need to be successful.

Endless Marketing: That’s great! The Support Team at Promoboxx is very dedicated to making Promoboxx a seamless and convenient platform to help retailers market to their consumers. There are so many resources available to retailers to kick start their efforts, and to help them along the way.

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Chloe!

Chloe Chalakani: Yes, we want to make sure retailers know that we are here for them! It was my pleasure!

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*Promoboxx offers live support Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST via live chat, via email at, or over the phone at 800-380-7502 Ext 1.

By Kelly Thomas

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