The Importance of Engaging with Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has consistently been ranked among the top social media platforms, and now with over one billion active monthly users, it is continuing to grow in popularity. According to Ambassador, 71% of  consumers who have a good social media interaction with a business are likely to recommend it to friends. Though the platform is easy to use and focused on visuals, the key to success on Instagram for a business is to engage with its followers. After all, your followers are both your current and potential customers! 

Once your Instagram gains followers and you are posting frequently, you will probably start to gain some feedback in the form of comments. You should both “Like” and “Reply” to each comment you receive. Here are some reasons why, and ways you can do so.

It is important to respond to all comments on Instagram for two reasons:

1. Instagram’s Algorithm: The way that Instagram works is that the more engagement you create, the higher the chance people have of seeing your posts. By responding to and liking your followers’ comments, you are increasing the post’s chance of being seen by others. This is extremely important for the success of your business’ Instagram!

2. Customer Appreciation & Awareness: Replying to your followers on Instagram shows that you care about your customers, that your business is up to date with social media, and lets your customers and potential customers know that you are there for them.

How to like and reply to a follower’s comment:

Now that you know why it is important to engage with followers, it is also important to know how you can do this. First, go to your post, or click on a notification you may have gotten about a comment.

To Like: Click the heart icon next to the comment. When the heart is red, this means you have “liked” it.

This is what your customer will see when you like their comment.

To Reply: Click “Reply” next to the comment. Instagram will automatically tag the user who you are replying to. This will notify them that you replied. Next to their name, type your reply, then click “Post”.

This is what your customer will see when you reply to a comment.

What to say in your Reply:

Always stay in your brand voice, and maintain professionalism, just as you would in your store. If a follower compliments your post, thank them! When a follower asks a question, answer them as best you can. If they simply comment with an emoji, reply with a heart or smiley face emoji to show you appreciate their comment!

Engaging with followers on Instagram is so important for going forward in 2019! This is a way for you to connect with your customers, and a way for you gain new potential customers. Instagram is a great tool for you to direct your followers to your store – whether it be online or in person, and create long lasting relationships.

If your business doesn’t have an Instagram account, check out Building a Social Media Presence

By Kelly Thomas

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