How To Boost Your Business’ Facebook Engagement

Is your business’ Facebook getting enough likes and comments on posts? Are you struggling to increase your followers?

Is your business posting creative content but not getting any likes or comments? There are many steps you can take to encourage interaction with your customers on Facebook. Consumers crave attention, and being responsive on your social channels humanizes your business, allowing your followers to feel closer to it. Boosting your Facebook engagement will help you build a successful online presence, help you reach new customers, and drive sales both in-store and online.

Here are some techniques to help you boost your business’ Facebook engagement:

Post Interactive Content
Post content that prompts your followers to answer a question, tag people, or post photos in the comments. This is an effective way to maintain a personal relationship with your customers and keep your Facebook engagement high.

Promote Your Facebook Page In-Store
The first step to a successful Facebook page is letting your customers know about it! If they are unaware that your page exists, it is unlikely that they will find it on their own. Mention your page to them while they are checking out, put up signs in your store promoting it, and offer incentives like “If you follow our page and check-in while shopping, you will receive 10% off your purchase”.

Encourage Check-Ins
Encourage your customers to check-in on Facebook at your store. This will share your store’s location and Facebook page with their friends, which can lead to new followers and customers! This is a great way to broaden your reach.

Promote Your Facebook Page Via Email
Do you send out email campaigns to your customers? Make sure to create an eye-catching visual with the Facebook icon that leads to your page.

Announce Exclusive Sales On Facebook
Announce special in-store and/or online sales and deals only on your Facebook or social channels. This will ensure that your customers stay connected with you on Facebook and come back for more!

Contests & Giveaways
A photo contest where followers post a photo of their pet is a great way to engage your existing customers. A contest that followers can enter by tagging friends in the comments, or sharing your post will help you gain new followers. Endless Marketing has an entire campaign of creative content dedicated to Contests & Giveaways! Check it out here.

Follow Through

The last, very important step in boosting your business’ Facebook engagement, is following through with the interactions that you are building with your followers. Make sure that you like, and reply to every comment that you get on your Facebook posts! You want to let your followers know that you are listening, there for them, and that you appreciate their engagement. Interacting with them on social media brings the humanization back into your business.

Aside from organic engagement, getting likes and comments on your posts, along with increasing your page likes and follow is important to Facebook’s algorithm. Similar to Instagram’s algorithm, the more likes, reactions, comments, and shares you get on a post, the more reach that post will have.

If you need some fresh, creative content for Facebook and other social channels, check out Endless Marketing! Endless Marketing is a free platform takes the hassle out of content creation, and allows you to post engaging content to your social channels, in just a few clicks!

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By Kelly Thomas
Endless Aisles Blog