The Promoboxx Journey

From Retailer to Consumers

Learn how easy it is to share pre-made content on Promoboxx, how your customers can interact with your content, the effect it has on your business, and more! This Promoboxx Journey shows you the step-by-step course that your content takes from retailer, to consumer!

The Retailer Experience

The Brands you’ve signed up for and Endless Marketing will send you an email when they launch a new campaign on Promoboxx.

When you click on the email, you will be taken to your Promoboxx account, where you can preview the new content.

Check out new campaigns on your dashboard from Brands and Endless Marketing. Browse and select content to share with your customers. Choose from a variety of posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, and email.

You’ll find content for national holidays, pet holidays, tips & advice, contests & giveaways to help you engage your followers, as well as branded content from brands you carry to boost sales. The combination of Endless Marketing and branded content gives you the opportunity to have a perfectly balanced digital content strategy.

Each post will have suggested copy for you to use, tweak, or you can enter your own copy. Make sure to add hashtags to boost your reach!

Publish the pre-made content you select to your digital channels right away, or schedule it to post at a later date and time. It couldn’t be easier to schedule out your marketing efforts weeks in advance.

Promoboxx has a helpful calendar tool where you can see all of the posts you’ve scheduled!

Reach your local audiences and view real-time data as customers engage with your content!

You can even try adding fuel to the fire by adding marketing funds. You can use pre-made branded or Endless Marketing content to create local ads and expand your reach!

Your Customer’s Experience

Your customers see your ad or post on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feed, or email inbox.

The breadth of content you have access to on Promoboxx will be sure to catch the eyes of your customers!

When consumers see your post, they can engage with likes, comments, shares, or clicks to a direct response landing page. Maintaining an online presence and an online relationship with your customers is very important to your business. Engaging with your customers online humanizes your business, and lets them know that you are always there for them.

To learn more, check out How To Boost Your Business’ Facebook Engagement and The Importance Of Engaging With Your Instagram Followers.

There are two ways that your customer can act on your post or ad to make a purchase.

You can set up your posts and ads so that when your customer clicks on them, they will be brought through to your website to shop. Be sure to land them on a page that reflects the content featured in the post or ad.


You can set up your posts and ads so that when your customer clicks on them, they will land on landing page with directions to your store.

Your customers shop with you online or in-store!

To learn more about Promoboxx and sign up, click here

To learn more about why digital marketing is so important, check out Digital Marketing… It’s Not So Ruff After All!

By Kelly Thomas

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