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Why Shipping and Profitability Are Not Mutually Exclusive

In an Amazon dominated world, it is difficult for small businesses to find ways to compete when it comes to shipping costs. The corporations offer products at an incredibly low cost, which leaves independent retailers across the country wondering if they should match that price. However, the reality is that most retailers simply can’t be Amazon. Constantly using your own dollars to eat shipping...

5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Cyber Monday is approaching. Cyber Monday is a term used to describe the Monday after Thanksgiving; a day retailers designed to persuade customers to shop online. This shopping holiday is extremely successful and with 84% of online stores participating, total sales have increased by 100 million each year since 2005. Based on these facts, it is very...

How To Handle Out Of Stock And Discontinued Products

No matter how you use Endless Aisles, it’s possible a product in your online catalog becomes discontinued or out of stock. If changes to a product occur, it’s vital to notify your customers – both those who have those products on Auto-Ship and those who have previously purchased those items. Often retailers are preoccupied by their store’s everyday activities and forget to...

10 Essential Design Features For Your Ecommerce Site

Many retailers are very particular when it comes to the layout of their physical store. Every day they take time to stock the merchandise, clean the aisles, and organize the shelves before they even answer the phone or open their doors. They know that promoting their store serves no purpose if they don’t take the steps to maintain it. The same is true when it comes to your new e...

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