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Endless Aisles Special Ordering: Tips from Bag of Bones Barkery

This week we got a chance to sit down with one of the retailers using Endless Aisles’ Special Ordering Portal, Gregg Bernhardt. Gregg and his wife own a pet store in New Jersey called Bag of Bones Barkery, which has been serving loyal customers for more than ten years. We chatted about his store’s experience using the Special Ordering Portal, and what he thinks the keys to success are when using...

How to Create a Unique E-Commerce Experience

  Many of Endless Aisles’ retailers begin launching their e-commerce business when they first receive our plugin. Typically, they have heard that e-commerce sales are on the rise and they are excited to watch their business grow with the industry in upcoming years. However, simply receiving our catalog of products does not guarantee a sale. The truth is that many of the brands you publish have...

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