Introducing Endless Aisles® Lite

Our mission at Endless Aisles is to take complex challenges facing pet retailers and make them easy, so that they can focus on customers and sales. Over the last two years, we’ve launched Endless Aisles® Special Ordering, Endless Aisles® Web Integration, and more recently Endless Marketing® powered by Promoboxx. We’re constantly striving to develop solutions that fit the needs of all retailers; big, small, and everything in between.

After collecting feedback from our retailers, a common trend is that retailers want to lean into e-commerce, but managing a catalog of 10,000 items can be overwhelming. Similarly, retailers ask for a way to test out having an online store so they can build learnings while using the Endless Aisles plugin for Shopify. They also want to have a smaller investment of time and money.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched Endless Aisles® Lite, a simpler and easier-to-manage version of our existing web integration offering through Shopify. Endless Aisles® Lite allows retailers to explore the Endless Aisles catalog, publish only the assortment they carry in store, and offer in-store pick-up or local delivery from their online store. 

With Endless Aisles® Lite, retailers have a streamlined and quick onboarding. They’ll be able to set up an online store on Shopify for as little as $29 per month. Retailers can choose to have either a shopping-only site linked from their informational site, or transfer their existing content to Shopify’s robust platform. Utilizing Shopify allows retailers to benefit from Shopify’s library of mobile responsive templates, and explore the expansive Shopify app store. 

With our Endless Aisles® Lite plugin for Shopify, retailers can select the items they carry in-store from our vast product catalog, price them to their store retails, and publish them to go live. Customers are able to browse and shop a retailer’s site, checkout, and pick up their items in-store. Retailers with a delivery van can also offer an option for local home delivery. 

Just as today’s consumers have diverse needs when it comes to shopping for their pet, our retail customers have a diverse set of needs when it comes to exploring the growing world of online channels. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for taking that exploration and making it a reality; whether it’s stepping up digital marketing efforts, offering a great online shopping experience, or being the fulfillment partner to deliver orders to consumers’ doorsteps.

Endless Aisles® Lite is perfect for retailers looking to dip their toes into having an online store, test, learn, and grow over time. We encourage you to explore more on our website, or contact us with questions at We look forward to seeing your business grow!

By Andrea Barsk

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