Online Content Ideas For Your Business

We all know that keeping a blog and social media channel allows your website to stay relevant and updated. Great content lets you keep your customers engaged all while increasing the likelihood that they will come back to make a future purchase. However, it can be hard to come up with topics to write about every week or month. Many subjects will seem repetitive and it can be daunting to take a step back from your busy life to think about the perfect subject matter. To make it a bit easier for you to produce content, we’ve created a small list of topics that will keep being able to be used throughout the year.

  1. Success Stories

It’s important to keep track of how customers are liking the products they purchased from you. If they bought a certain type of food, ask them how their pet likes it. Has their pet’s energy changed for the better since they switched to that brand? Are they itching less or are their potty session less messy? These answers could make for a great impression on the quality of your products and influence more purchases in the future. Sharing these testimonials means hard proof that you’re a great place to discover the perfect food for pet parents everywhere.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Every day at the shop brings more customer questions. Write these down so that you can explain them later in writing. This will not only keep the customers informed, but also keep them coming back to your site for answers when they are curious about certain topics. Common questions might include: How do I know which LID formula is right for my pet? What’s the deal with freeze-dried food? How can I keep my pet entertained while I’m at work?

  1. Tips and Tricks

Whenever you come up with interesting diets or topics, write about them. Many people go to their local pet shop for advice, so this is your chance to share that information before they ask it. What would you recommend for an overweight dog? How about a stressed cat? Your customers will appreciate your words of wisdom.

  1. Product Showcase

There should always be room for a product recommendation or description in your content. As a shop owner, you’ll want to show that you believe in every one of your products. Writing about their ingredients and brand stories will help to persuade customers that you are confident in what you sell.

  1. Employee Profile

You love your employees and each one of them has a different passion that brought them to work at your store. Showcase these passions to your readers. This will help create a more personal relationship with your customer and make them feel more familiar with your store.

  1. Company Updates

Whenever you have a new store, event or promotion, inform your customers! Not only will this feel like exclusive content but it will help you to make the most of your sales.

We hope these content ideas help to cure your content marketing writer’s block. For more information on content marketing, check out our article on Building a Social Media Presence.

By Phoebe Mcgee
Endless Aisles Blog